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mtn usage...

It's been brought up by certain people, that they "know" how pidgin developers use monotone, and that monotone is an inferrior tool. Thus I decided to take the time to document how *I* use monotone. Keep in mind, I use monotone for everything nowadays. The only time I use a different (D)VCS is when I'm working on a project that I didn't start.

At any rate, I'd be extremely curious to see the usage/flow of the same actions (working on an existing branch, branching a branch, starting a new project/branch, working on a new (to you) project/branch, merging branches, and serving a new project/branch) in other (D)VCS's as well.

Below is the fruit for said labor (click it for the full sized version, it's about 400KB though...). The digrams were created with dot from the graphviz package. The source of the diagrams can be found over here.

the graph

the key
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